What Is The Affenpinscher?

This race, which is comparatively rare but old, is slowly gaining regard from the dog fancy as well as from the public. After living with and displaying his first Affenpinscher, one seasoned dog enthusiast was heard saying, “This breed is the best kept secret in the globe of dogs, and I hope it will stay that way.”

In North America and Europe, the Affenpinscher has a tiny but faithful follower. An exciting but unknown tale is its history and growth as a respected member of the canine society.

This German tot is a smart, sturdy little dog who enjoys in almost any kind of setting to frolic with his master. The Affen, which is the nickname used by many breed buddies, is well suited to a multitude of living arrangements, ranging from tiny town apartments to luxurious homes with acres of property to romp in.

In German, the term Affen implies ape or mockery. It meant a monkey-like conduct or appearance from this. The name is therefore often interpreted as “monkey terrier.” Interestingly, this name reflects both its looks and behavior.

From his scruffy whiskers and eyebrows, which frames the complete, dark and intense eyes, the viewer rapidly receives a distinctly “simian” feeling. The picture is strengthened by the desire of an Affen to walk or hop on his hind legs and bat the air in a comical dance with his front paws.

The curious tilting head and the devilish stare, followed by a sudden dashing off in a playful gallop, can only give a smile to the face of an observer. The breed is called the “Diablotin Moustachu” or the “mustached little devil” in France due to the penetrating gaze and these mischievous activities.

Highlights of the typical “monkey-like terrier” are the unique round head with complete, dark eyes, brief muzzle, slightly undershot reduced teeth, pouting mouth and tough shaggy coat.

The Affenpinscher is a toy breed at the shoulder, usually 10.25 inches, varying in height from 9 to 12 inches. The body is square and moderately dense. Generally, the rib cage is more egg-shaped than barrel-shaped. The mature dog weighs 7 to 12 pounds. The back is low and brief. The upper and lower front legs are equal in length and the legs are straight, not bent or out.

The back legs are straight with mild angulation, not cow-hocked. The luxation of the patella or the slipping of the kneecaps is one health problem that impacts many toy breeds. This is a problem for some breeders of Affenpinscher, and one must be conscious that due to this genetic weakness, lameness may happen in the hind legs.

The coat’s colors in North America include black, black, and tan, gray, red, wild boar, or belge, and all of these colors may vary from light tan to dark red. The animals that are lighter in color may have black or dark gray masks. More black Affenpinschers are generally available than any other color.

These black dogs often grow in their adult coats mixtures of while, reddish brown or gray hair. Depending on the hair type, color and care, the quality of the coat has varying degrees of coarseness. Some coats have a very difficult texture, with little undercoat and sparse furniture.

Some people on the feet and head may have an abundance of undercoat and dense furniture. Correct grooming and hair care will make the race more appropriate for each of the extremes. Preference is for the hard coat with an undercoat that enables the head and legs to be fully furnished.

The high-set ears may be cropped to a natural point or left. Usually the natural or uncropped ears tip forward, but they can also stand upright. The tail can be long or natural docked or left. An adult’s docked tail is about 1-2 inches long, high and laid.

When the dog moves or is pleased and attentive, the undocked tail is held bent, gaily up over the back. The undocked and uncropped Affenpinscher has a distinct general picture of the breed, but in the show ring it should not be penalized. The race is needed to be natural in most of Europe.

Over three-quarters of the Affenpinschers have natural or uncropped ears in America today. Still, the majority of Affenpinschers will be seen in the show ring with docked tails in the U.S. and Canada. Nevertheless, one of the top bitches of the breed has both natural ears and tail.

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